Refrigerated loads

Too warm? Too cold? 
Cargoes are like people, they only feel really good when the temperature is right. Whether your cargo is meant to ripen, stay deep-frozen or simply keep fresh, our refrigeration units make sure the temperature is right.

And Trailer Telematics?
It monitors and makes sure that the temperature keeps to the predefined set points. If there's any fluctuation from the specified temperature, you as the customer are immediately warned, either by a text message or by email, which gains you precious time so that you can take action to prevent your goods spoiling and any resulting losses. 

This system can only work optimally when the telematics system operates instantaneously and throughout Europe. We can do just this and this continuous recording and archiving of temperature data to completely track the product development process is also exactly what legislation demands to ensure consumer protection.

That is the kind of total quality assurance that your customer appreciates. You as a carrier are an important link in the customer's supply chain and automonous trailer telematics provides you with the right technical tools.

Schmitz Cargobull Telematics has based its system on the demands of Transfrigoroute, the organisation that coordinates international standards for temperature-controlled transport.

A sound foundation stone – for your security!

Our autonomous trailer telematics provides extra convenience advantages.

  • Goods loaded on the weekend don't need to be checked physically any more. The system informs of any fluctuations of its own accord.
  • Temperature reports can be automatically transmitted to the customer per email – dealing with fiddly print-outs is a thing of the past.
  • Continual data on the status of the refrigeration unit, defrosting cycles and the refrigeration unit's operating hours round off your information.