Security transport

Valuable goods are a permanent challenge to the ingenuity of criminal organisations and the result is the increasing theft of individual goods, part loads through to complete trailers – with large-scale consequences for your business. 

No matter whether your cargo is electronics, cigarettes, alcohol, high-grade medicaments or chemicals, insurance companies demand higher and higher standards in monitoring technology.

This is where you as the carrier can score points – with autonomous trailer telematics.

If high demands were previously made of security transport (e.g. using two drivers so that they could continually give their position, door monitoring, additional locking systems), Schmitz Cargobull Telematics provides a standard that adds up to the sum total of these demands. 
Implementing our technologically outstanding trailer telematics system ensures that these demands are complied with and at the same time reduces costs and working hours.

The telematics system configuration ensures that each situation is monitored at the desired interval. "Watchbox" functions ensure that the door activity is monitored when loading and unloading and defines corridors that must be passed through. In addition, the coupling status of the trailer is also recorded and documented.

To round the security package off, alarms set off by trailer telematics must be followed by the necessary action – a so-called intervention. This determines what action should be carried out following an alarm - it might be informing the police or any other way of securing the vehicle and its load.

We, as a telematics provider, take the responsibility from you, and organise your security – throughout Europe!

We work together in this with Bosch Security Systems and its mobile security service. Your data converges on a control centre from where the interventions are coordinated.