MODULOS chassis for your semi-trailer.

With its frame of bolted galvanised parts, the MODULOS vehicle frame has long been something special. We have now taken the next important step and improved the strength and precision of the frame thanks to an innovative new production method. 

The frame's most important component, the l-beam, is now cold formed from a single piece. We will now present the production process and additional details on the new success model.

MODULOS highlights:
  • Maximum durability throughout the entire service life. 
  • Increased load-bearing capacity: 10% more distributed load.
  • Precision forms the basis for a good, strong chassis. 
  • Modular design for perfect adaptation to transport tasks.
  • Easy repair and maintenance.
  • 10 year warranty against rust-through.

A revolution in trailer construction.
The new generation of S.CS GENIOS curtainsiders is the ideal representation of Schmitz Cargobull's corporate philosophy: perfection with no compromises. What used to be good has now got even better. This is definitely the case for the new MODULOS chassis, a key innovation in the trailer industry using unique, new production techniques. It also applies to the ROTOS running gear, the new FLEXOS construction, the load securing process, and lots of other small details that make a difference to your trailer. All of which make it easier to complete transport tasks in day-to-day business. At the end of this comprehensive optimisation process, we have created a line of vehicles with more power reserves, stability and durability. Even more comfort for the driver: Handling in the new S.CS GENIOS curtainsider is now even easier, quicker and safer too.

Both of the l-beams stretch along a total length of over 13 m on each side of the vehicle frame. It forms the backbone on which all other components are docked.

Roll forming not welding.
The roller sets can swivel in all three dimensions to enable changes to be made to the cross section of the profile when roll forming. As well as improving the design and construction, this innovative technology also helps to save energy and reduce harmful emissions.

From theory into practice. 
Thanks to the flexible roll forming process, we are easily able to bring the ideal shape determined during the design process to life. To provide supplementary reinforcement to the points put under particular strain, additional elements are attached using bolt connections. This helps to save weight and makes it easy to change the construction when required.

The direct route.
The axle suspension directs forces straight into the bar in the rolled l-beam. This means: Maximum reliability on even the trickiest of roads.

Brains over brawn.
Triangular reinforcements absorb large forces with very little material. This is how the chassis is able to transport up to 27 tonnes of axle load across the country safely and efficiently.

Support exactly where it's needed.
The lower lip of the offset neck is reinforced so that the weight of the entire l-beam can be distributed as best as possible.

Small parts with a big profile.
Schmitz Cargobull's strong knurled bolts feature longitudinal grooves on the shaft, which means that they fit perfectly into the hole. This also protects the connections from being twisted.

Quick and precise assembly.
To ensure that bolts are fitted with the right clamping force, we use tools with special torque control.

Quality in one piece.
Once the component has been formed, it is dipped into a galvanising bath. This galvanising process ensures that the edges and hollow spaces are just as well protected as the large outer 

Simple self-healing technology.
Small scratches or chips on a galvanised surface are no big deal. Electrolytic processes help to improve protection for slight damage, meaning that the corrosion protection is practically 

The perfect functional unit
Floor panels and integrated load securing rails create a highly functional platform. The wide range of equipment options available means that the trailer can be adjusted to suit a number of different transportation requirements.

The support structure becomes a platform.
The new MODULOS chassis is equipped with strong, durable boards. The boards are mounted flush with the frame and screwed in, then the joints are sealed.

The popular 28 mm strong floor is available with a range of surfaces with friction coefficients of up to μ = 0.6 and for stacker axle loads of 7.1 to 9.5 t.

More than just a stamp.
Quality checks are carried out throughout the course of the production process.

The most stringent of tests.
This testing station uses a hydraulic system that applies pulses up to 40 times the speed of gravitational acceleration to simulate a distance of 1 million kilometres. This exceeds even the tough testing standards used by passenger vehicle manufacturers.

Planning for the future. 
The sustainability of the galvanised surface is guaranteed thanks to the durability of galvanised steel. Furthermore, zinc can be professionally recycled and modern hot galvanising facilities apply a recycling management process, ensuring low energy consumption and low emissions.