ROTOS Drive Technology

– packaged competence from leading manufacturers.

ROTOS running gear is a concept that is based on optimally matched high quality components.
Axle, bearings, brakes and brake discs, shock absorbers and air suspension not only represent top-of-the-range quality, they are also perfectly harmonised with each other so that they carry out their role perfectly.

Our success with our customers speaks for itself.
When it comes to designing a Schmitz Cargobull trailer, more and more of our customers are selecting the ROTOS chassis designed by our own engineers. When we introduced the ROTOS back in 2005, our aim was to take responsibility for all aspects of the trailer. We believe that the running gear is the key component as it sets the bar for the performance of the trailer as a whole. This assembly also has a strong e ect on vehicle safety and the total cost of ownership. A challenging task for development and production. Thankfully, we had the expertise, experience and uncompromising attitude towards quality that was needed to overcome this challenge.

How does ROTOS bene? t you?

  • Less heat generation results in more braking power.
  • Maintenance-free wheel bearings save costs.
  • Decreased weight of unsprung masses gives you better vehicle handling.
  • The ability to adjust the trailer height to loading ramps gives you more ? exibility.
  • Standard driver assistance systems improve safety.


Quality in a range of areas.
Thanks to our ROTOS solution, we have an axle to suit all requirements in Schmitz Cargobull's wide range of products. Whether a vehicle needs good braking power, a running gear with a compact design, maximum ? oor clearance, or maximum durability, there is a ROTOS solution for everything.


19.5" axle hub
Smaller brake discs with a diameter of just 370 mm help to save weight – in a vehicle with 3 axles, the chassis weighs a total of 72 kg less. Can also be combined with 22.5" wheels.


22.5" axle hub
430 mm diameter brake discs for maximum performance in standard and HD chassis.


Our seal of quality.
The 1,000,000 km warranty on the ROTOS running gear*

* Excluding wearing parts. Restrictions apply for off-road use, Norway and tipper trucks.


Axles with a low construction height.
The compact axle assembly is installed in the S.CS Mega with 19.5" wheels in order to create the maximum body height possible. Or it is installed in S.CF container chassis and S.KO box bodies with 22.5" wheels.

Axles with a high construction height. 
Vehicles such as tipper trailers require maximum ground clearance and can therefore be ? tted with an axle with an adjusted link spring. This higher construction also forms the basis of container trailers, refrigerated trailers and the S.PR platform semi-trailer.

No more time lost to routine service work.
Over 48,000 original replacement parts from all renowned manufacturers can normally be delivered within 24 hours. Customers and workshops have access to the EPOS database, which contains a wide range of documentation and availability data. The portal can be found at