Semitrailer Container Chassis - S.CF 40’ FX

For hard, fast container loading operations

With the robust S.CF 40' FX with a rigid rear module and a platform designed for stacker access you are perfectly prepared for hard, fast container loading operations.

The S.CF 40' FX with a rigid front beam and a rigid rear module is designed for the toughest demands. The stacker-accessible rear platform makes handling 20' containers extremely simple and the standard locking mechanism secures every container format up to 40'. The standard KLAPP LOCK locking mechanism combined with the optional STEP LOCK system provides complete flexibility for loading containers without a tunnel up to 40'. The 2nd, 4th and 5th container beams are equipped with standard TWIST LOCK locking mechanisms.

The Advantages at a Glance

  • Variable: Prepared for all 20' to 40' containers with tunnel
  • Flexible combination: KLAPP LOCK and STEP LOCK optional
  • Time-saving: Stacker-accessible rear platform
The S.CF 40' FX Semitrailer Container ChassisThe S.CF 40' FX Semitrailer Container Chassis