Your Complete Solution from a Single Source

Transporting temperature-controlled freight is one of the most demanding tasks in the transport sector.

Ensuring that the goods remain undamaged, maintaining the high hygiene standards and strict temperature requirements are just as essential as the punctual delivery itself.

The S.KO COOL reefer semitrailer with the EXECUTIVE package off ers our customers a special service. It is the fi rst complete off er from a single supplier which addresses every aspect of the trailers use.

The perfectly co-ordinated components provide absolute reliability through top quality and availability.

Reliability Trumps All. 

The benefi ts for you of the fi rst complete solution from a single supplier. The S.KO COOL EXECUTIVE package stands for:

  • E cient and safe transport of refrigerated goods.
  • Maximum availability through proven and innovative technologies together with permanent function monitoring.
  • Perfect co-ordination of all technical components and interfaces.
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio.
  • Comprehensive, proactive service throughout the trailer’s entire life cycle.
  • One contact, one Europe-wide service network, one data management.
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