S.KO COOL Refrigerated Vehicles Semitrailer

The Best Trailer for Your Business.

The S.KO COOL – a Plus for Economic Efficiency.

The demands on a modern refrigerated trailer are varied. In this sector, reliable solutions can only be achieved with uncompromising quality and practical innovations. The most important consideration is the long-term profitability of your investment through low TCO (total cost of ownership) and excellent availability. Then there is the highest possible level of security with regard to handling and for the freight itself – including quicker loading and unloading times at the ramp. The result? Value, available, increased efficiency and added revenue for you.

For many years, the first-class product quality of the S.KO COOL has been unparalleled, and it meets the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry with ease.

Our premium product is the S.KO COOL COMPLETE* with a unique insulation system made from FERROPLAST panels, which achieves the best ever insulation performance for an S.KO COOL. As a result, you can significantly reduce the running time of your transport refrigeration unit while increasing the security of your cargo.

* The S.KO COOL COMPLETE is only available in conjunction with a refrigeration unit from leading manufacturers fitted in the factory.

Your Benefits:

  • Efficient and safe transport of temperature-controlled freight.
  • Maximum availability with innovative technologies and proactive services to prevent damage such as freight spoilage.
  • Perfectly tuned technical components and interfaces.
  • Excellent price-performance ratio with a complete range of services.
  • Proactive service across the entire duration of the Full Service contract.
  • One contact, one Europe-wide service network, one data management system.
S.KO COOL Refrigerated VehiclesS.KO COOL Refrigerated Vehicles