S.KI AK with full thermal insulation

S.KI tipper trailer with a fully-insulated thermal aluminium box-body

A fully insulated aluminium box body with a Light chassis is the weight-optimised transport solution for road construction. An unladen weight of less than 5.2 tonnes – for a high payload – is achieved through the combination of robust aluminium box body and lightweight insulation components. The insulation is set flush with the floor, and the insulation on the side walls only marginally decreases the body volume. Since the outer dimensions of the body are not altered, the tipper trailer retains its low centre of gravity and can, for example, be combined with all trough covering options from the standard range. The body is available with an external pendulum tailgate or with an internalpendulum tailgate and a chute. All bodies have been prepared for upgrading of the measuring sensors. This is mandatory from 1 January 2017.


Five Good Reasons for the S.KI AK with Full Thermal Insulation

  • Payload-optimised, full thermal insulation for construction site vehicles as of 5,170 kilograms
  • Low unladen weight of insulating elements from 380 kilograms
  • Outstanding insulation values in compliance with the legal requirements
  • Low centre of gravity – the body has the same dimensions as conventional versions
  • All roof options possible
Fully insulated aluminium box bodyManual roller tarpaulin cover with time-saving quick-tensioning device.Comprehensive modular body range: insulated, pendulum flap with chute.