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The new trailer generation GENIOS


Facts & figures

Series production start:

-  End of July 2014 (Altenberge)

-  October 2014 (Wuhan, China)

-  By the end of 2014, 75% of the l-beams for the S.CS curtainsider semi-trailer will be manufactured using the cold forming process

Investment costs:      


-  approximately €10 million for the development of the new technology

-  more than €30 million for the production system at the main plant in Altenberge

Development period:

-  approximately two years and six months


-  The beam is manufactured as a single piece without welding.

-  The process allows the height of the l-beam to vary.

-  Material stresses due to thermal loading resulting from the welding process are prevented. Furthermore, the levelling otherwise required after the welding process is also unnecessary.

-  The process reduces the production time by 60%, increases the product quality and improves precision.

-  The entire product range has been standardised. The previous array of approximately 280 different welded l-beam variants have been reduced to 20 l-beams manufactured using the rolling process.                                                                 

 -  The I-beams can be tailored to customers' individual demands using the established bolting technology and the specified hole pattern relatively late in the process. 

Production process:


-  The new production technology for the l-beam largely replaces the conventional welding process.

-  The l-beam is cold formed from a single blank without a welding seam.

-  14 rotating and freely movable rolling heads utilise extreme pressure to form the l-beam into the desired shape – including the taper.

-  The cold forming process takes place in two steps: The top strap and the bottom strap of the l-beam are formed individually, one after the other.

-  Following this, the hole patterns and openings are punched out.

-  Then the beam is hot galvanised.

Technical features:

-  The machines in Altenberge and Wuhan have benefitted from an identical development and design process.

-  The machine weighs 80 tonnes.

-  The overall size of the equipment is approximately 170 metres.

-  The machine requires approximately two minutes and 30 seconds to cold form an l-beam.

-  Up to 90 l-beams can be produced per eight hour shift.