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New transport refrigeration unit in a complete package

Horstmar, September  2014 - Similar to Schmitz Cargobull’s own brand and in-house produced ROTOS running gear, of which more than 500,000 units have been produced and fitted so far, the new transport refrigeration unit offers a complete solution enabling the safe, reliable and cost-efficient transport of temperature-controlled freight.

One-stop solution. The efficient complete package:
In this case, Schmitz Cargobull is taking a new approach to marketing, by incorporating the transport refrigeration unit, into the "S.KO COOL EXECUTIVE" complete package. Customers are still able to freely configure S.KO refrigerated semi-trailers belonging to the COOL series using Schmitz Cargobull's current range of features. Ex-factory and as standard, the complete package includes the company’s own refrigeration unit with a Full Service contract from Schmitz Cargobull Parts & Services.  Proactive service rounds off  the complete S.KO COOL EXECUTIVE package. Through this system the customer can enjoy one-stop shopping, with a single point of contact. The simple and rapid configuration of the trailer refrigeration unit, trailer telematics and Full Service package saves time and allows clear identification in the event of a fault occurring. This reduces the costs in advance and also creates transparency.

In comparison to many other freely configurable solutions for the trailer, running gear and telematics, the S.KO COOL EXECUTIVE package is distinguished by precise temperature management. In addition it has excellent economy and high performance in every operating state, optimal operating reliability and long maintenance intervals. As the transport refrigeration unit is available exclusively for the S.KO COOL, the developers were able to design it specifically for the requirements of the Ferroplast panels and create an optimal combination of refrigerated body and refrigeration unit.

More than 900 perfectly-functioning units in the market:
The refrigeration unit is one of the most effective refrigeration units on the market. The newly developed evaporator design reduces the defrosting cycles by up to 50% and the extremely high heating capacity ensures short defrosting times. The robust industrial motor with electronic speed control and a compressor with cylinder deactivation reduce the fuel consumption. The generously dimensioned wearing parts allow Schmitz Cargobull to implement long maintenance intervals of up to 3,000 operating hours per year. Furthermore, the easy access to the technical components along with the modular design minimise the effort in the event of requiring repairs.

The refrigeration unit concept utilises high-quality components from renowned manufacturers which have been adapted to fulfil Schmitz Cargobull's high standards. Software developed in-house and specifically for the intelligent management of the refrigeration unit controls the components. This results in temperature control with extremely narrow tolerances, optimised for the loads and requirements. The sensitive, electronic control system guarantees an even temperature throughout the entire cargo area. Combined with the stepless engine speed adjustment, this saves fuel during long-term operation. This regulation is much more effective than a start-stop operation and offers greater security when transporting high-value goods. In general this is a decisive factor when transporting sensitive goods and at high external temperatures. The separate electronic control of the compressor, heating and ventilation enables autonomous air circulation independent of the cooling, heating or defrosting mode.

Integrated trailer telematics "TrailerConnect"
The S.KO COOL EXECUTIVE is equipped with the TrailerConnect control unit and the digital, certified TCI (TrailerConnect interface) temperature recorder as standard. TrailerConnectdocuments the data for the proactive service. This monitoring with integrated warnings for the driver/vehicle owner serves to prevent breakdowns and unplanned downtimes.
The integrated TCI (certified to DIN EN 12830) provides the user with simple, clear and direct access to the temperature data. This function also enables users to provide proof of anuninterrupted refrigeration chain and allows permanent online access to the temperature data from the trailer and the refrigeration unit.

Long-term service concept
The successful use of a refrigeration unit stands and falls with its reliability. Schmitz Cargobull possesses an extensive service network with more than 1,200 authorised Service Partners throughout all of Europe. Before beginning the series production the Service Partners in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Portugal and Belgium had already been trained and qualified for the corresponding refrigeration technology. All other European countries will follow by the end of the year, at the latest. The standard telematics functions help to rapidly find and eliminate the causes of faults on the unit and also permit effective preventive maintenance. The supply of spare parts for the transport refrigeration unit will be integrated into Schmitz Cargobull's EPOS spare parts program. This simplifies part identification and also makes the delivery time extremely short. All service partners will stock the more common spare parts.

The S.KO COOL refrigerated semitrailer
The S.KO COOL refrigerated semitrailer, which serves as the platform for the new refrigeration unit, has been Europe's most-sold refrigerated trailer for some years. Schmitz Cargobull has further optimised the economy and value retention of the current generation. This is due to further improvements to the insulation of the FERROPLAST panels. In addition, the body is even better protected against damage. The optional, aerodynamic full cladding reduces fuel consumption by up to four per cent. Naturally, familiar options such as the double-decker loading system can also be combined. The S.KO COOL with EXECUTIVE package fulfils all of the common criteria for current transport certificates: Certification to HACCP, ATP classification along with Cemafroid.

Fair financing
The subsidiary company, Schmitz Cargobull Finance, offers alternative financing options such as hire purchase* or leasing*. It is a joint-venture between SCB and Dutch bank, De Lage Landen. As such, it offers customers the perfect combination of Schmitz Cargobull's technical knowledge and market know-how along with the financial expertise of De Lage Landen’s banking professionals. A single contact partner (one-stop shop) provides the customer with a complete range of services: ranging from hire-purchase, leasing, vehicle take-back later on and full service contracts.

*depending on the legal regulations in the country in question.

The advantages of the Schmitz Cargobull transport refrigeration unit at a glance:

- Precise temperature control throughout the entire interior with minimal fluctuation.

- Excellent economy combined with high-performance cooling through efficient

  motor management.

- High-performance cooling to rapidly cool the freight compartment.

- The best heat output among the direct competitors for the shortest possible cooling interruptions when defrosting.

- 50% fewer defrosting cycles due to the ice-reducing evaporator design.

- Durable industrial motor with intelligent partial-load control (stepless speed control and

compressor with cylinder deactivation) for low fuel consumption.

- Greater operational reliability and control thanks to the electronic control unit.

- Longer maintenance intervals due to the specially dimensioned wearing parts.