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Focusing on the essentials increases efficiency in intermodal transport
S.CF semi-trailer container chassis from Schmitz Cargobull

January 2019 – From today, the S.CF semi-trailer container chassis will complete Schmitz Cargobull’s product portfolio. For customers who specialise in intermodal transport, three variants of the chassis with the GOOSENECK design are available for the optimal and safe transport of containers ranging from 40´ to 45´ in length:  S.CF GOOSENECK 45´ EURO, S.CF GOOSENECK 45´ EURO LIGHT and S.CF GOOSENECK 40´ LX.
All chassis are characterised by easy operation, low maintenance and high availability.


The S.CF GOOSENECK 45´ EURO is the universal chassis. It transports
standard containers ranging from 20´ to 45´ EC containers. The safe transport of
1 x 20´ in the middle or flush with the rear and 1 x 30´ flush with the rear is also guaranteed. Through the manually operated front extension with the patented MULTILOCK locking mechanism, it also secures tunnel containers with or without
sloping edges, as well as containers without a tunnel. The KLAPP LOCK locking mechanisms secure the front container for 2 x 20' loading and simply fold away when transporting tunnel containers. Two optional STEP LOCKS enable seamless adjustment of the locking mechanism on the rear extension to containers with or without a tunnel. 


If efficient transport and flush-to-rear positioning of 20´ containers (2 x 20´ or 20´ flush
with the rear) and 40´ tunnel containers without any interfering rear protrusions take priority, the S.CF GOOSENECK 40´ LX is the  perfect solution. The optional STEP LOCK mechanism also allows the transport of 40´ containers without a tunnel. The 40’ chassis have a rigid front beam. This enables the locking of 40´ containers with and without a tunnel in the same position. The adjustment?of the rear extension is greatly simplified as different locking positions for the two container types are not required.


The semi-trailer container chassis S.CF GOOSENECK 45´ EURO LIGHT is the lightweight option of the three chassis. It is best employed when the majority of transport operations are carried out with 40´and 45´ containers. The payload- and weight-optimised chassis weighs just 4,250 kilograms and allows for a higher carrying capacity. The chassis can be optionally equipped with adapters for carrying 40´ containers without a tunnel.
45´ containers with a short tunnel or straight edges can be transported with a certificate of exemption.


A significant characteristic of the S.CF GOOSENECK chassis is the frame throat height which is fixed at 130 mm. This means that even when transporting high cube containers with a coupling height of 1,100 mm, an overall height of four metres is adhered to. And due to cathodic dip coating, the chassis are extremely robust and corrosion-resistant.


The central rear extension enables the desired container positions to be adjusted easily and faultlessly. The piston rod of the extending cylinder is protected within the central tube in such a way that its service life is considerably increased. The flush-to-rear container position without any interfering protrusions at the rear enables direct docking at the loading ramp. The approach bumpers are positioned at ramp height on the rear container beam. The steel collision protection, which extends across the vehicle width, prevents damage when loading from the rear using a forklift.

The open container beams prevent water from collecting and thus reduce the risk of resulting rust damage. A profile optimised through FEM calculations allows higher elasticity of the beams when the container is placed in position, effectively preventing chassis cracks.


As standard, the 40’ chassis is designed for transporting 40’ tunnel containers.
The STEPLOCK on the rear beam, as well as additional container supports, can be selected as an option or, if necessary, simply retrofitted at a later date.


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