Schmitz Cargobull offers financial support to aid projects in Ukraine

Schmitz Cargobull offers financial support to aid projects in Ukraine

Schmitz Cargobull has split its Münsterland Innovation Prize money between two aid organisations, "Aktion Kleiner Prinz" in Warendorf and "Brücke Ukrainehilfe" in Halle (Saale)
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October 2022 - Marnix Lannoije, Director of Research and Development at Schmitz Cargobull AG, together with Klaus Ehling, Director of Münsterland e.V. from Greven, presented a cheque for €2,000 to Sylvia Oertker, chairwoman of the "Aktion Kleiner Prinz" e.V. association from Warendorf. 

Support for children in Ukraine

The organisation supports aid projects for children in Ukraine.

Schmitz Cargobull is donating another €2,000 to the aid organisation Bruecke Ukrainehilfe Halle (Saale) e.V., which organises direct aid for medical care in the war zones of Ukraine.

Under the motto "Together. Sustainable. Act. Münsterland thinks ahead.", Schmitz Cargobull was awarded the Münsterland 2022 Innovation Prize in the "Digitalisation" category for its "Data Management Centre (DMC)". Awarded every two years by Münsterland e.V. for innovations developed in the region, the prize cames with a €4,000 cheque.

About the aid organisations

Aktion Kleiner Prinz" from Warendorf supports projects for children in need worldwide. Projects are supported in emergency, war or crisis areas that enable and secure survival, food, housing, health, education, etc. for the children.

Aktion Kleiner Prinz" has carried the DZI donation seal without interruption since 2002 and is currently intensively supporting people in the Ukraine.

The association "Brücke Ukrainehilfe" was founded by eleven committed German and Ukrainian members who have set themselves the goal of quickly and effectively delivering urgently needed medical aid to Ukrainian clinics in crisis areas. All donated funds are spent 1:1 on the purchase of the necessary materials: Medicines, bandages, syringes, bandages, catheters, defibrillators, stretchers and much more. Several aid shipments have already been made from Germany.

О компании Schmitz Cargobull

Компания Schmitz Cargobull AG — ведущий европейский производитель седельных полуприцепов, прицепов и кузовных надстроек для грузов общего назначения, сыпучих материалов, а также грузов, требующих определенного температурного режима. Она ежегодно выпускает около 42 500 прицепов. В ее штате работает 5700 человек. В 2020/21 финансовом году оборот концерна достиг 1,75 миллиарда евро. Предприятие из округа Мюнстерланд первым разработало комплексную рыночную стратегию и начало последовательное внедрение стандартов качества на всех уровнях — от исследований и разработок до производства и обслуживания. Предлагаемый ассортимент включает в себя систему телематики для трейлеров, финансовые решения, поставку запасных частей и продажу транспортных средств с пробегом.