Нове осмислення сталого розвитку -аеродинамічний кузов для економії палива до 5 % та зниження викидів CO2.

Переваги EcoGeneration

Для економії палива до 5 %

  • Flexible adjustable rear roof
  • Adjustable curtain height to match the body
  • 4 m total height at front and rear when set at maximum capacity
  • Flexibly adaptable for more loading space volume
  • Particularly suitable for general cargo and beverage transport
  • Flexible body - adjustable rear and front
  • Adjustable curtain height to match the body
  • 4 m total height front and rear when set at maximum capacity
  • Up to 3m internal height and flexible for coupling heights
  • Fuel saving capabilities when interior height is not needed 
  • Particularly suitable for high volume and automotive transport
  • Aerodynamic rear roof fix
  • Curtain height matches the aerodynamic rear end
  • 4 m total front height
  • Fuel saving due to weight reduction and aerodynamic design
  • Particularly suitable for "horizontal" goods such as steel and paper rolls. 
  • How quickly do the fuel savings become noticeable?
    The effects are directly measurable. The EcoGeneration vehicles save up to 5% fuel.
  • What certificates do the Eco range meet?
    As with the standard vehicle, the Eco vehicles also comply with all current certificates. The body technology of the Eco bodies is similar to that of the standard trailers.
  • Are any additional tools needed to make the height adjustments?
    No, adjustments can be easily made and integrated into the daily transport routine within just a few minutes.
  • How does loading and unloading work with the Eco vehicles?
    Loading and unloading of the Eco vehicles is exactly the same as for the standard vehicles. Both rear and side loading are still possible.

    Only with the EcoFLEX and EcoVARIOS is it necessary to fold up the rear bar when loading from the rear in order to prevent damage to the vehicle. The load is secured using the standard Schmitz Cargobull systems.
  • Are there any special features of the chassis?
    The well-known MODULOS chassis is used. For a particularly low empty weight, the Eco body can be combined with an X-LIGHT chassis.
  • Can the bodies be combined with Schmitz Cargobull telematics?
    Yes, of course. All curtainsider semitrailers will be equipped with the TrailerConnect® telematics CTU as standard from the beginning of 2021.
  • What are the rules for repair and maintenance of the Eco vehicles?

    Like standard vehicles, the Eco range assets are equipped with Schmitz Cargobull's MODULOS chassis. This means the vehicles are robust, have high corrosion protection, are flexible to transport tasks and come with a 10-year warranty against rust-through.

    Vehicle functionality is based on technical aspects of previous assets and standard maintenance is required. The functionality of the height adjustment is based on our VARIOS technology, therefore no restrictions or costly repairs are to be expected.
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