S.CS with SPEED CURTAIN Curtainsider

Back on the road and on your way again more quickly.

The S.CS with SPEED CURTAIN doesn't just provide savings when loading. The cargo handling times are reduced and your semitrailer is quickly back on the road. When you have tight slots for just-in-sequence deliveries and standardised driving times with digital tachometers, this increases the flexibility of your dispatch management. But the SPEED CURTAIN also reduces your operating costs on the road. The taut tensioned tarpaulin reduces wind resistance, thus reducing fuel costs. The aerodynamics can be further improved since tarpaulin tensioners are no longer required and thanks to an optional, wind-deflecting roof spoiler.

Quick, safe and simple. Seven advantages in 35 seconds:

The innovative SPEED CURTAIN ...

  • is opened (or closed) in only 35 seconds.
  • immediately provides an unimpeded loading width of 8,750 mm at the front or rear.
  • speeds up the loading process, as central stanchions and support laths are no longer required.
  • increases working safety, as it can be easily operated from ground level.
  • is part of the structural rigidity in accordance with DIN EN 12642 (Code XL), including beverage certification.
  • "when closed reduces wind resistance and thus the fuel consumption thanks to a tauter tarpaulin without any visible tensioning components.
  • is available for the S.CS UNIVERSAL and S.CS MEGA from early 2012.
Back on the road and on your way again more quickly