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A reliable refrigeration chain demands precise temperature control. Our exclusive premium transport refrigeration unit uses a combination of high-quality components with software specially developed by Schmitz Cargobull to intelligently control everything. This optimises temperature control to within even narrower tolerance ranges than commonly expected.

The sensitive, electronic control system guarantees a constant and even temperature throughout the entire interior and also saves fuel during constant operation, as the stepless adjustment of the motor speed always provides exactly the precise power output required.

The MultiTemp design is equipped with an extra compact and powerful additional roof evaporator to support the transport refrigeration unit, allowing you to control the temperature in two chambers in the trailer with ultimate precision.

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The Schmitz Cargobull transport refrigeration unit – available in a Single-Temp and MultiTemp design – is a true powerhouse with phenomenal refrigeration power, first-rate heating power and up to 50% fewer defrosting cycles thanks to an intelligent evaporator design.

Your Benefits:

  • Precise temperature control throughout the entire interior with minimal fluctuation.
  • Excellent fuel economy combined with high-performance refrigeration thanks to efficient engine management.
  • High-performance refrigeration to rapidly cool the cargo area.
  • Best heating performance compared to our direct competitors,for the shortest possible interruptions when defrosting.
  • 50 % fewer defrosting cycles thanks to ice-reducing evaporator design.
  • Durable industrial motor with intelligent speed control and cylinder deactivation for low fuel consumption.
  • Greater operational reliability and control thanks to the electronic control unit.
Premium Product. - Trailer - New Vehicles - Reefer - SemitrailersThe MultiTemp version of the transport refrigeration unit allows for added flexibility during the scheduling process, thus improving capacity levels.