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The S.KO COOL reefer semitrailer has long been Europe’s leading trailer for temperature controlled freight – with exemplary insulation, practical equipment and reliable technology.

The current generation of our successful model is designed with a particular focus on economy and value retention. The body’s insulation characteristics have been optimised, while at the same time, the body is even better protected against damage. The aerodynamic cladding saves fuel and the double-decker system is even easier and safer to operate.

Naturally, the S.KO COOL fulfi ls the criteria for all important transport certifi cates: Certifi cation to HACCP, ATP FRC class, Cemafroid and the Pharmaserv seal.

The Product of Outstanding Precision.
For decades the exceptional performance of the S.KO COOL has been based on the self-supporting body made of FERROPLAST, a composite material constructed using metal covering layers and a PU foam core.

FERROPLAST demonstrates its advantages in comparison to glass-reinforced-plastic (GRP) under every type of load. The mechanical stability and the resistance to moisture penetration along with the increased insulation through the improved core thickness to covering layer ratio all ensure the unbeatable quality of the vapour diff usion-tight body constructed using FERROPLAST.

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