Rely on Uncompromising Quality.

A reliable refrigeration chain demands precise temperature control. The newly-developed  premium transport refrigeration unit off ers a combination of high-quality components with software specially developed by Schmitz Cargobull to intelligently control the refrigeration unit. This serves to optimise the temperature control to within even narrower tolerance ranges than the standard.


The sensitive, electronic control system guarantees a constant and even temperature throughout the entire interior and also saves fuel during constant operation as the stepless adjustment of the motor speed always provides the precise power output required.


Your Reliable Performer.

  • Precise temperature control throughout the entire cargo area with minimal fl uctuation.
  • Excellent economy combined with high-performance cooling through e cient motor management.
  • High-performance cooling for rapid temperature pull-down.
  • The best heat output among the direct competitors for the shortest possible cooling interruptions when defrosting.
  • 50% fewer defrosting cycles due to the ice-reducing evaporator design.
  • Durable industrial motor with intelligent speed control and compressor with cylinder deactivation for low fuel consumption.
  • Greater operational reliability and control through the electronic control unit.
  • Longer maintenance intervals due to the specially dimensioned wearing parts.
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