Trust is Good when Control is Better.

TrailerConnect with the TrailerConnect temperature and map telematics package provides seamless documentation of your refrigeration data. The temperature data is transferred in real time and can be accessed and archived at any time. The system can be confi gured to match your requirements up to and including automatic alarm messages via SMS or e-mail. 


In addition to monitoring the refrigeration unit, the TrailerConnect temperature and map telematics service also provides clearly displayed maintenance data and scheduling in the telematics portal.

The telematics hardware (control unit and temperature recorder) is pre-installed as part of the EXECUTIVE package for the S.KO COOL.


Good Products Need Perfect Service

You can remain fl exible – when a reliable partner safeguards the availability. Monitoring the refrigeration unit data and proactive warnings sent to the vehicle owners reduce your breakdown and workshop times.


Schmitz Cargobull also monitors the maintenance schedules, freeing up your staff . In addition, the documented maintenance ensures you a high residual value.


The Full Service contract covers all of the necessary maintenance, inspections and repairs. Naturally, you can expand this refrigeration unit service to include a Full Service contract covering the trailer and the tyres. This minimises your costs while also maintaining them in a predictable schedule.

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