S.KO COOL Refrigerated Vehicles Semitrailer

Telematics Included on Board.

Comprehensive Information with TrailerConnect.

TrailerConnect documents your refrigeration data without any gaps. The trailer telematics system detects the temperature data in real time, which can then be accessed and archived at any time. The system can be configured to meet your needs – up to and including automatic alarm messages via SMS or e-mail.

Reliable monitoring: multiple sensors and a temperature recorder measure and document proof of an uninterrupted refrigeration chain. The digital temperature recorder, the TrailerConnect Interface (TCI), can be used to connect to the trailer telematics system.
TrailerConnect monitors important parameters in the refrigeration unit and trailer technology at the same time. For instance, the tank sensor checks whether there is enough fuel in the refrigeration unit tank. The operating hours and alarms in the refrigeration unit are also recorded, along with the mileage and chassis status.

Telematics Included on Board. - Trailer - New Vehicles - Reefer - SemitrailersTransparent information on the TrailerConnect portal for monitoring position, safety, temperature and technology.