S.KO COOL Refrigerated Vehicles Semitrailer

Equipment for short-sea transport

Equipment for short-sea transport

The Ferry Fittings. For Safe Sea Transport

1. Correctly positioned for rapid lashing when on board: Ferry Lashings along the frame neck, ...
2. ... at the rear in two positions, and also ...
3. ... on the I-beams in front and behind the axle unit.

The Advantages at a Glance

  • Four pairs of ferry lashings for rapid, efficient lashing
  • Support stand mountings for unaccompanied ferry transport
  • High structural rigidity through new galvanised steel corner supports
Ferry lashings on the l-beamThe galvanising remains intact: Pre-configured bolt holes for retrofittingRobust even when bottoming out: The ferry underride guard with round tubes and skids