S.KO Express Box Semitrailer

Long frame

The torsion-resistant long frame is capable of handling high point loads and is consistently designed for a long service life and lower operating costs: All of the steel components are hot galvanised prior to assembly. Aluminium components are cathodic dip coated. The 10 year guarantee against rust proves the quality standard and, in the event of damage, the bolted, modular construction is easy to repair. The individual components can be quickly and cost-effectively replaced by unscrewing the bolt connections, without impairing the corrosion protection. The MODULOS concept also enables the easy installation of equipment for combination or short sea transport.

The Advantages at a Glance

  • Torsion-resistant long chassis designed for high stacker loads
  • Bolted construction: All components hot galvanised or cathodic dip coated
  • 10 year no-rust guarantee
  • Stable rear frame for high resistance against ramming damage
  • Extremely easy to repair
Long frame