S.KI SR with full thermal insulation

Seamless Transparency.

The Use of TrailerConnect in Bulk Transport.

TrailerConnect facilitates the scheduling of construction site vehicles and optimises the delivery of asphalt at the paving site. Through exact indication of the vehicle's position, journey times can be optimised and prompt delivery can be ensured. Dispatchers have a clear view of the vehicle fleet in the telematics portal without having to communicate with the drivers. At the same time, the trip history records the actual transport kilometres of every vehicle for your evaluation.

The pro-active monitoring of the trailer equipment including tyre pressure control helps to avoid breakdowns. Measuring the axle load protects against overloading. In this way you improve value retention, save money through needs-based maintenance and optimise the costs for your vehicle fleet.

With the introduction of the digital measuring sensors from 2017 onwards, you will benefit from the advantages of seamless temperature monitoring by TrailerConnect.

TrailerConnect optimises the use of construction site vehicles