Central axis reefer trailer

The ROTOS gear

Schmitz Cargobull has successfully broadened its trailer manufacturing expertise gained over decades to the development of running gear systems and the result is the ROTOS axle. This axle unit can be used in all Schmitz Cargobull trailers. If your fleet has all kinds of different vehicle types in it, this reduces the number of spare parts needed on stock to only a few components when it comes to axles and brakes. The ROTOS system is made up of components from leading manufacturers and includes an electronic braking system (EBS) with a stability program (RSP), large disc brakes (22.5'), service-free bearings, and the proven multi-ride-height (MRH) air suspension.

ROTOS(R) brand running gear, reduce spare parts, electronic braking system (EBS) with a stability program (RSP), multi-ride-height (MHR) air suspension