Cooling units for perfect temperature-controlled freight transport

Cooling units for perfect temperature-controlled freight transport

Our cooling units are economical, lightweight and quiet. Extremely precise temperature control, optimum heat output and reduced defrosting cycles are just a few of their excellent properties. MonoTemp and MultiTemp versions offer long maintenance intervals and excellent availability at low cost. The cooling units are also suitable for the transport of pharmaceutical products.

S.CU 1.0 and S.CU 2.0 cooling unit

The right product for every requirement

S.CU 1.0

Reliable and robust technology for temperature-controlled transport

Proven emission-optimised Perkins diesel engine
High operational reliability thanks to optimised thermal management and hermetically sealed generator
Optimised control panel for better readability thanks to larger display font
Equipped with Silent kit as standard
Only available as mono-temp version
NEW: Certified for pharmaceutical transport

S.CU 2.0

State-of-the-art technology for the most demanding refrigerated transport requirements

Highly efficient common rail diesel engine
Up to 10% less fuel consumption*
Weight reduction of 50 kg*
High operational reliability through optimised heat management and hermetically sealed generator
Optimised control panel for better readability through larger display font
Equipped with Silent kit as standard
Greater comfort and quieter thanks to newly developed decoupling of the drive unit
Available as mono-temp and multi-temp versions
Certified for pharmaceutical transport

*Figures apply to the previous cooling unit generation, model year 2017.

  • Partial load control
  • Energy savings
  • CargoSets
  • Control panel
  • Additional roof evaporator
  • Full Service package
  • Temperature zones
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Drive unit
  • $name
  • Remote-Control
  • Temperature printer

Partial load control

Intelligent partial load control in the cooling unit reduces temperature fluctuations to a minimum. An even, precise cooling output is also guaranteed in MultiTemp mode for all temperature zones.
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S.CU Kältemaschine Schmitz Cargobull

Energy savings

Up to 50% fewer defrosting cycles for greater energy savings. The cooling fins are arranged in an offset pattern. This slows down the freezing process, saving fuel and protecting the refrigeration chain.
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S.CU Kältemaschine Schmitz Cargobull

Control panel

The cooling unit control panel can be used to configure all the important transport settings and display the current status in 17 European languages. A PIN protects against unauthorised access.
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Schmitz Cargobull S.CU cooling unit

Additional roof evaporator for MultiTemp operation

Due to its power, only one additional evaporator is needed for the second temperature zone. Its shallow dimensions provide greater loading height under the unit. As over half the trailer width always remains free, you benefit from the full loading height for fast and reliable handling when loading with forklift trucks.
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Full Service package

You receive all the well-known Schmitz Cargobull service benefits for the entire range of S.CU cooling units:

  • Wearing parts and the necessary ATP inspections are included with maintenance of the cooling unit.
  • Free-of-charge assistance in your native language in 40 European countries around the clock, 365 days a year.
  • Fast and straightforward assistance across Europe through an extensive network of authorised partner workshops.
  • Original spare parts within 24 hours
  • 300 Service Partners for the S.CU cooling unit
S.CU Kältemaschine - Temperaturzonen

Temperature zones

Safe and efficient transport with two separate temperature zones. Precise temperature control for frozen goods down to -20 ?C and up to +10?C.
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Proaktives Monitoring 2.0

A properly functioning cooling unit is absolutely essential for temperature-controlled goods. However, failures can also occur here and then quick action is required. Thanks to Schmitz Cargobull's pro-active monitoring, you automatically receive a call from Cargobull Euroservice when an alarm message occurs. This means that you can react quickly and avoid damage to the goods.

* Offer is included in the EXECUTIVE package.


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S.CU Kühlgerät von Innen

S.CU drive unit

The new generation of S.CU cooling units lowers fuel consumption due to the improved combination of diesel engine and generator. The intelligent partial load operation of the latest drive unit ensures that there is only minimal deviation from the cold storage temperature setpoint, combined with the most efficient use of resources.
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Temperature printer

With the Schmitz Cargobull temperature printer you can quickly and easily create a paper printout of the certified temperature values directly on the vehicle.
The printout can be configured using the free beSmart App. This is a simple and convenient way of setting and changing, for example, the printing period or the language of the printout.

The temperature printer is an optional feature of the Smart Trailer.

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