The Z.KO EXPRESS central axle box body trailer is a fast and reliable solution for courier, express and parcel services in urban logistics or long-distance transportation.
Efficiently handle distribution transport work.
  • Running gear
Running gear


Outstanding driving characteristics, thanks to MRH (Multi-Ride-Height) air suspension. The innovative ventilation system generates less heat extending brake pads lifetime.
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  • Double-decker system
  • Equipment for through-loading trailers
  • Rear
  • Lighting

Double-decker system

Flexible and higher utilisation of the trailer's capacity, thanks to its double-decker system. Ideal for freight that cannot be stacked. The system provides for gap-free loading using two infinitely height-adjustable split levels.
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Equipment for through-loading trailers
Side wall

External lighting

Side markers, and front and rear lights on trailers are required by law. Additional reversing lights or working spotlights and a warning lamp for the tail lift are also optionally available.
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  • Electronic ramp approach aid
Electronic ramp approach aid

Electronic ramp approach aid

The electronic ramp approach aid assists drivers when approaching loading ramps. Once reverse gear has been engaged, the system uses visual and audible signals to inform the driver of the distance remaining behind the vehicle. When the semi-trailer is nearing the ramp, the trailer brakes independently.
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  • Lashing points and aids
Lashing points and aids

Service contracts

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TrailerConnect® telematics provides you with all the information you need on your trailers.
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