Swap Bodies W.BO​

Swap Bodies W.BO​

Swap bodies in robust steel construction with smooth or corrugated side walls are mainly used in the CEP sector as ideal transport containers for intermodal traffic.​
Swap Bodies W.BO
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Detached Swap Body W.BO

Detached Swap Body W.BO in robust steel construction with rail-compatible roller shutter. The swap body is ideal for use in CEP transport, encounter and freight transport
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Interior fittings

Interior fittings in sheet steel with keyhole plate for locking and clothes rails.
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Double folding door

Double folding door with robust, external espagnolette locks. When open, the doors are secured with a chain. 
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Double wing door

Opened double wing door with an opening angle of 270°. Close-fitting to the side wall for good manoeuvrability.
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Smooth front and side walls

Smooth front and side walls for individual labelling. For freight rail transport, the W.BO interchangeable boxes are equipped with gripping edges.
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Roller shutter

Open roller shutter in interchangeable case for fast loading cycles, quick access at the ramp and in confined spaces.
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