Combined transport

Combined transport

With our innovative vehicles for combined transport, we enable the seamless transport of goods in a single loading unit across different modes of transport. There is no transhipment of goods when changing modes of transport.

Your advantages

  • With the railway
  • With the ferry

DB equipment

The DB equipment trailers from Schmitz Cargobull meet the requirements of rail loading and enable a seamless transition between road and rail. This makes them an efficient response to increasing traffic densities and fuel prices.

Vertical transhipment refers to the loading of transport units from one mode of transport to another using a lifting device - the semi-trailer is lifted completely.

During loading, the semi-trailer is driven directly onto the railway wagon. This reduces the amount of additional equipment, but requires the availability of special handling terminals.

Ferry equipment

Our trailers with ferry equipment are perfectly tailored to the tough requirements of loading, manoeuvring and unloading onto the ship. Thanks to well thought-out details, we minimise the risk of damage and ensure that your vehicle is protected during transport and loading.

In accompanied transport, the semi-trailer with tractor unit is loaded onto the mode of transport.

In unaccompanied transport, the semi-trailer is loaded onto the mode of transport without a tractor unit.