Efficiency and safety for intermodal transport

Efficiency and safety for intermodal transport

• Schmitz Cargobull S.CF semi-trailer container chassis receives new designation • All S.CF semi-trailer container chassis also benefit from a facelift • S.CF ALLROUND 20-45 now available ex works with self-sufficient generator set
January 2024 - New name with proven quality and functionality: Schmitz Cargobull has changed the names of the S.CF semi-trailer container chassis to emphasise the individual purpose of the S.CF models.

For customers specialising in intermodal transport, Schmitz Cargobull provides four S.CF semi-trailer container chassis in Europe for the optimum and safe transport of containers in sizes 20' to 45':
The S.CF ALLROUND 20-45 is designed for universal use and can accommodate all container sizes from 20' to 45' (previously "S.CF EURO"). The S.CF LIGHT 40/45 chassis is specially designed for the transport of 40' and 45' containers due to its low tare weight (previously "S.CF EURO LIGHT"). The two semi-trailer container chassis S.CF DOCK 20/40 (previously "S.CF LX") and S.CF DOCK+ 20-40 (previously "S.CF MX") are designed for use in the harbour. The plus stands for the additional 20' centre position. There are also S.CF models for other markets. All chassis are characterised by simple operation, low maintenance and high quality.

Four S.CF semi-trailer container chassis are available for the optimum and safe transportation of containers

The vehicles have also undergone a facelift. A new side impact guard and a new underride guard developed in-house have been chosen for optimised handling and a more modern design. The rear extension, which is now cushioned by throttle valves, contributes to more comfortable handling and functionality and also reduces the risk of injury. Modern and innovative stickers with informative pictograms make operation easier and quicker and more intuitive. QR codes, attached to the chassis, link to videos in which the operation (e.g. rear extension, underride guard, container locking, front extension, etc.) is clearly explained. A loading plan allows users to see at a glance the correct positioning of the container on the S.CF, helping to avoid delays during loading.

All semi-trailer container chassis are equipped ex works with the TrailerConnect® trailer telematics system and a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), ensuring they are fully compliant ahead of the upcoming TPMS obligation. Thanks to the hot-dip galvanisation, the semi-trailer container chassis are extremely robust and corrosion-resistant.

S.CF ALLROUND 20-45 with self-sufficient generator set
The S.CF ALLROUND 20-45 semi-trailer container chassis can now be optionally equipped with a generator set ex works. This ensures that the electrically powered transport refrigeration machine on the container has a self-sufficient energy supply for several days at a time. Ensuring the temperature-controlled freight is safely on its way to the customer, independent of external energy sources.

Schmitz Cargobull is working together with its partner Genmark B.V., one of the leading manufacturers of generator sets with a large service network in Europe. The UM5 generator set is specially adapted to the S.CF ALLROUND 20-45 and maximises ground clearance on the market by approx. 30 cm. The protected installation position minimises the risk of damage.

 More Information: https://www.cargobull.com/en/products/container-chassis

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