Fitted with X-LIGHT equipment, you can be sure that your tractor units never pull more weight more than necessary. With a tare weight of 4,975kg, the S.CS UNIVERSAL X-LIGHT SMART curtainsider semi-trailer reduces fuel costs, particularly for short and mid-range transport with frequent acceleration and braking.

X-LIGHT chassis

Weight and payload-optimised with aluminium components in the chassis and body

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Aluminium drop supports

Weight-optimised landing gear with aluminium drop supports

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Lightweight axle head

ROTOS® running gear with 19.5" brake disc and lightweight axle head

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Strong Combination

The lathless POWER CURTAIN body is the perfect combination with all X-LIGHT models.


The body is built without support laths for fast and secure loading and unloading. The tarpaulin is equipped with loops for flexible rear load securing combined with comprehensive certification.
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Service contracts

The right service contract gives you full control over the costs and we make sure that you stay mobile!
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TrailerConnect® telematics provides you with all the information you need on your trailers.
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We can provide you with an individual quote with attractive terms and conditions for the entire lifecycle of your investment.
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