Efficient and economical - ROTOS Drive Technology

Efficient and economical - ROTOS Drive Technology

ROTOS running gear consists of high-quality components perfectly coordinated to each other. The axle, bearings, brakes and brake discs, shock absorbers and air suspension represent more than top quality, they also work together perfectly and perform perfectly.

ROTOS Drive Technology designs

19.5" axle head
Smaller brake discs with a diameter of just 370 mm help to save weight - the chassis weighs a total of 50 kg less on a semi-trailer with three axles. Can also be combined with 22.5" wheels.

22.5" axle head
430 mm diameter brake discs for maximum performance in standard and HD running gear.

Low-height axles
The compact axle assemblies are installed in the S.CS Mega with 19.5" wheels to create the maximum body height possible. Or they are fitted on S.CF container chassis and S.KO box body semi-trailers with 22.5" wheels.

High-height axles
A version with adapted link spring is available for semi-trailers that need maximum possible ground clearance, such as tipper semi-trailers, or when there is a need to compensate for high trailer coupling heights.