Market leader focuses on networking and sustainability

Market leader focuses on networking and sustainability

Lower demand shaped the 2019/2020 financial year, with a slight market recovery. 

October 2020 – In the 2019/2020 financial year*, Schmitz Cargobull produced 46,124 vehicles and achieved sales of 1.87 billion euro with 5,700 employees. “Unfortunately, 
the declining demand since mid-2018 continued during the financial year,” revealed CEO, Andreas Schmitz. “The slight market recovery in early 2020 was then halted by the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, we successfully implemented the necessary savings without cutting back on the core team,” concluded Andreas Schmitz. 
With an average market share of approx. 25 %, Schmitz Cargobull has maintained its position as the leading trailer manufacturer in Europe. “Despite the 27.4 % decrease in the number of units produced, the 18.4 % downturn in turnover compared with the previous year was less severe,” reported Schmitz. The demand for the higher-value box and tipper vehicles declined less than in the highly competitive curtainsider segment. “The entire Schmitz Cargobull team was able to keep earnings before taxes and depreciation at an acceptable level in the last financial year thanks to savings made as part of ‘Lean to Compete’. We also made price adjustments that are now having an effect.” 
In view of the uncertain conditions caused by the coronavirus, it is difficult to make a prognosis. “After a sharp slump in March, demand has recovered more quickly than initially expected,” said the CEO. In September, it was possible to scale back the reduced working hours that had been implemented. Depending on the development of the pandemic situation and its impact on the economy, the forecast for the units produced is between 30,000 and 50,000 vehicles, with sales of between 1.2 and 2.0 billion euro. 

Innovations and services form a basis for the planned growth. Schmitz Cargobull consistently introduces and implements these in its capacity as a pioneer in the trailer market. 
“As part of our 100% SMART strategy, we have equipped all S.KO COOL SMART trailers with the TrailerConnect telematics system as a standard feature”, affirmed Andreas Schmitz. This strategy has continued in 2020 with the standard installation of a new telematics system in the curtainsiders and dry freighters. As a consequence, Schmitz Cargobull ensures that its customers retain their data sovereignty throughout the entire transport chain. This enables the best transport through networked products and services. 

“In addition to data, ecology plays an increasingly important role: with the EcoDuo concept, we successfully presented an ecologically effective combination of two standard trailers for long-distance transport last year,” CEO Schmitz added. This vehicle concept has already been tested successfully in various European countries and Schmitz Cargobull is committed to the broad acceptance of this solution. 
Reliable vehicles and comprehensive service have proven to be a competitive advantage, especially in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. The entire logistics sector and especially the drivers have made an essential contribution to supplying the population during this time. Schmitz Cargobull has taken comprehensive protective measures at all of its production plants. In compliance with the official requirements, it has reliably continued to deliver vehicles at all locations without disruption. “In addition, our 1,700 service partners have been absolutely dedicated to ensuring that the customers are able to continue their regular transport operations as smoothly as possible with regard to maintenance and repairs,” asserted Schmitz.


Secure supply chains have proven their value during the lockdown

In the past financial year, systematically developing and strengthening the supply chain was a major focus. Andreas Schmitz: “International multi-sourcing, multi-product plants (MPP), order-neutral and Group-wide supply management, together with the on-going expansion of the central logistics hub, increase flexibility and reduce lead times throughout the network.” The solid and simple new structures proved particularly effective at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, when the lockdown temporarily disrupted supply chains in numerous sectors and countries. “As a consequence, we were the only trailer manufacturer able to ensure a continuous supply of materials for our plants and maintain our ability to deliver to our customers,” said the CEO.
In the medium term, the Executive Board continues to pursue the core objectives of Strategy 2025. “Specifically, this means being the world’s leading manufacturer of curtainsiders and refrigerated vehicles, the European market leader for trailers and target sales of more than 2.5 billion euro,” explained Andreas Schmitz.
*Financial year from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020


About Schmitz Cargobull:
With an annual production of around 46,100 trailers and with around 5,700 employees, Schmitz Cargobull AG is Europe’s leading manufacturer of semi-trailers, trailers, and truck bodies for temperature-controlled freight, general cargo and bulk goods. The company achieved sales of approximately €1.87 billion in the 2019/2020 financial year. As a pioneer in the industry, the North German company developed a comprehensive brand strategy early on and consistently established quality standards spanning every level: from research and development, through production and service contracts, to trailer telematics, financing, spare parts, and used semi-trailers.

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