S.KI HD tipper semi-trailer with a reinforced rounded steel body is the solution for heavy duty transport. Especially designed for the african and middle eastern region it is able to cope with rough terrain and high payloads.
  • TypeTipper semi-trailers
  • BodyRounded steel body
  • Volume32-37
  • Type length9.6
  • Body depth1,460-1,660mm
  • Axles4
  • ChassisSteel
spare parts

Spare parts

Original trailer and semi-trailer spare parts also from system partners and leading suppliers - delivered quickly and reliably.
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Telematics Data Service

TrailerConnect® telematics provides you with all of the necessary information about your vehicles - in the telematics portal or via the beUpToDate app.
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MyCargobull gives you fast access to relevant information about your Schmitz Cargobull semi-trailers at all times.
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