A smart tool - TyreManager application

A smart tool - TyreManager application

TyreManager application is used to configure and manage the installed tire sensors of your trailer with TrailerConnect® Telematics. Changes to the sensor positions can be made at any time, easily, mobile and without physical connection to the trailer. A smart tool - TyreManager Application
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Teaching new tire sensors

Teach-in of new sensors can be done very conveniently by scanning the printed code or alternatively by entering the sensor ID.
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Changing the position of individual wheels

By selecting the wheels to be exchanged, the sensor assignment can be comfortably adopted.
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Change axis position

When wheels are simultaneously exchanged over axles, the corresponding sensor positions can be adjusted with the TrailerConnect® Tyre Manager.
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Documentation of sensor changes

Changes of the sensor positions are documented and can be viewed clearly for each trailer.
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