Schmitz Cargobull at the bauma 2019

Schmitz Cargobull at the bauma 2019

Tipper semi-trailers are becoming lighter, more efficient and also more digital
2019-702 Thermokipper
March 2019 – Constructing Value – this is the  banner under which Schmitz Cargobull AG will be taking part in the bauma 2019 (8th to 14th April 2019 – Hall B4/Stand no. 313) with an S.KI tipper semi-trailer with thermal insulation, an S.KI tipper semi-trailer with new plastic cladding, and an M.KI truck tipper with an electric sliding tarpaulin. In the case of the tipper semi-trailers, “digital helpers“ such as the trailer telematics system or the S.KI control app are  increasingly contributing to cost efficiency and enhanced safety.

Tipper semi-trailers are becoming lighter, more efficient and also more digital

The S.KI tipper semi-trailer with an aluminium box body is now available with OKULEN plastic body cladding. Corroded and worn body surfaces make unloading more time-consuming, complex and dangerous, as the load only really starts to move at extreme tipping angles. The body cladding ensures the load slides from the loading surface more quickly, without leaving significant residue. Adhesion of bulk material to the body floor is made more difficult, optimising the unloading process. This enables the use of a lower tipping angle and reduces the risk of the semi-trailer leaning to one side during the tipping process due to uneven discharging of the bulk material. In addition, there are daily savings due to reduced unloading times and less need for cleaning.

In the case of the S.KI tipper semi-trailer with thermal insulation, the engineers have paid special attention to weight reduction. To offer the highest payload possible, the thermal insulation for the round steel body has been optimised once again. The innovative insulation material has a reduced additional weight, starting from approximately 310 kg, providing a robust and payload-optimised transport solution.

Schmitz Cargobull now also offers the electrically operated sliding tarpaulin as a factory-fitted option for the M.KI truck tipper body. This offers multiple advantages, especially when it comes to frequent loading and unloading operations. In addition to time savings, an electrical tarpaulin provides extra safety for the driver.

The tarpaulin can be opened or closed easily and quickly by remote control, either from the driver's cab or the ground. When opening and closing the sliding tarpaulin, the driver no longer has to climb onto the working platform. Occupational safety for the driver is improved, as potential accidents resulting from frequent climbing onto the working platform can be minimised.

In the area of digitalisation, Schmitz Cargobull led the way from an early stage, providing all tipper semi-trailer models with the new, third-generation TrailerConnect telematics system as an option. This offers even more operating comfort and, with functions like the brake pad wear indicator or the new tyre pressure monitoring system, its tipper trailers can be optimally configured to meet the demanding requirements of the construction business.

The S.KI control app enables the tipper trailer to be controlled and monitored remotely via a mobile phone or tablet (Android or iOS operating system). The app increases safety and efficiency during loading, as different functions can be controlled from the driver’s cab. The driver saves both time and energy, while receiving reliable data regarding the current status of the trailer and load.

Due to Schmitz Cargobull’s modular system, the body, rear wall, chassis, running gear and additional fittings can be combined in such a way that the trailers are precisely optimised for the specific application.

In addition, a wide range of services are available for tipper semi-trailers. These include financing options, service contracts, trailer telematics, spare parts supply and a part-exchange for used vehicles. For financing, Schmitz Cargobull offers a solution that includes some special conditions: If, when buying a new S.KI tipper semi-trailer, the customer opts for hire-purchase with a winter payment break, they can suspend the payment of instalments for a period of up to three winter months in each year during the term of the contract, regardless of whether the transport company performs any winter transport.

À propos de Schmitz Cargobull :
Avec une production annuelle de 63 500 véhicules, et environ 6 500 salariés, la Schmitz Cargobull AG est le leader européen des constructeurs de semi-remorques, remorques et carrosseries de porteurs . Au cours de l'exercice 2018/2019, un chiffre d'affaire d'env. 2,29 milliards d'euros a été réalisé. En tant que précurseur dans ce secteur, l'entreprise du Muensterland a développé très tôt une stratégie de marché globale. Elle mise systématiquement sur les standards de qualité à tous les niveaux : de la recherche et du développement, en passant par la production, jusqu'aux contrats de services, la télématique de semi-remorque, le financement, la fourniture de pièces de rechange et la vente de véhicules d'occasion.

L'équipe de presse de Schmitz Cargobull :

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