S.BO Steel box

S.BO Steel box

The steel box body of the S.BO is robust and reliably protects the goods in intercontinental freight traffic. Especially in unaccompanied ferry traffic, the S.BO is the ideal partner.
  • Chassis
  • Running gear

MODULOS - Chassis

Rolled MODULOS chassis has a repairfriendly design based on bolted, hot galvanised technology. It provides high value retention and low total cost of ownership as well as options to easily modify the modular system at any stage. 
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Running gear


ROTOS axles with disc brakes for high traffic safety and lower total cost of ownership. Six years’ warranty on hub and tube, and more than 1 million ROTOS running gear sold to date.
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  • Interior
  • Front
  • Rear
  • Floor
  • Side wall

The double-deck system

Flexible and higher utilisation of the vehicle due to the double deck system. Ideal for non-stackable cargo. The system enables gapless loading over two infinitely height-adjustable and divisible levels.
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The keyhole plate

The keyhole plate is ideal for transporting clothes, enabling easy transport of hanging clothes and piece goods.

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Double-folding door

Maximum safety with the double-hinged door. Depending on the transport conditions, with single or double locking.
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Underride protection

It’s easy for a trailer to become damaged while loading  onto the ferry,  due to the underride guard touching down, but the skid on the underride guard prevents this.. The underride guard has a load capacity of 18t.
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S.CS curtainsider semi-trailer wooden floor for different stacker axle loads

Wooden floor

Durable and robust screen-printed floors available for different forklift axle loads (7.1 tonnes, 8 tonnes or 9.5 tonnes). Sealed floor plates prevent moisture from reaching the cargo from below.
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Floor panels at the rear portal

When frequently loaded with a forklift truck, the floor plate is subject to increased wear. For protection, an additional floor plate is installed at the rear portal, which extends the service life of the floor. The forklift axle load is 9.5 tonnes.
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Side wall
  • Tyre pressure systems
  • Brake pad wear indicator
  • Blinkede Seitenmarkierungsleuchten
  • Elektronsiche Rampenanfahrhilfe
Pressure monitoring system
The Schmitz Cargobull tyre pressure control system.

Pressure monitoring system

The tyre pressure monitoring system displays when you need to top up air into a tyre. The correct tyre pressure reduces wear and tear while saving fuel due to improved rolling resistance.
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Brake pad wear indicator
Brake pads always in sight

Brake pad wear indicator

The wear display signals at an early stage when a brake pad needs replacement, ensuring greater safety in road traffic and avoiding downtime and high consequential costs.
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Flashing side marking lights
Side marking lights for enhanced road safety

Flashing side marking lights

The flashing side marking lights (SML) help to avoid accidents when turning. When the driver indicates, the side marking lights on the semi-trailer also flash and signal to other road users that the vehicle is about to turn.
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Electronic ramp approach aid
Information on resetting with the electronic ramp approach aid

Electronic ramp approach aid

The electronic ramp approach aid assists drivers when approaching loading ramps. Once reverse gear has been engaged, the system uses visual and audible signals to inform the driver of the distance remaining behind the vehicle. When the semi-trailer is nearing the ramp, the trailer brakes independently.
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  • Lashing points and aids
Lashing points and aids
Flexible points for load securing

Lashing eyes

The lashing eyes, with a pulling force of up to 2 tonnes, provide flexible load securing points. Fits all common hooks for fast load securing.
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Comprehensive certifications for your safety in day-to-day transportation work.

  • Internal body length13.585mm
  • External body length13.690mm
  • Internal body height2.480mm
  • Sidewall thickness35mm
  • Rear door thickness50mm
  • Roof thickness25mm

Service contracts

The right service contract gives you full control over the costs and we make sure that you stay mobile!
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TrailerConnect® telematics provides you with all the information you need on your trailers.
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TrailerConnect? telematics provides you with all the information you need on your trailers.


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Individual quote with attractive terms and conditions for the entire lifecycle of your investment.

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