Schmitz Cargobull at the IAA 2022

Schmitz Cargobull at the IAA 2022

Innovations for efficient transport are solutions that ensure greater safety in the transport of goods and data, sustainably protect the environment, increase the payload, make transport planning transparent and forward-looking and, above all, increase cost-effectiveness for the user.
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Focus: Sustainability 

Rethinking sustainability - aerodynamic design for fuel savings and reduction of CO2 emissions. See all our product and service innovations with a focus on sustainability.
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Focus: Safety 

The topic of safety is  becoming more important in the transport and logistics industry. With the new Schmitz Cargobull innovations to increase safety, you can optimize your everyday transport operations.
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Focus: Predictability & Reliability

Effective planning and reliability are the be-all and end-all in everyday transportation. The product and service highlights are totally important. 
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