Fresh logistics solutions for every taste

Fresh logistics solutions for every taste 

Being reliable means that drivers can reach their destinations easily because they can manoeuvre their vehicle through narrow city centres.
Being reliable also means being able to flexibly adapt to higher freight volumes and versatile freight.

In food transport, however, it means one thing above all: unloading the temperature-controlled freight in perfect condition at the destination at the right time.

Together we solve your transport challenges with refrigeration expertise and proven Schmitz Cargobull quality.
Discover our food fleet for fresh reliability now.

The manoeuvrable: S.KO CITY with steering axle

Safe delivery, even when things get tight. Quiet and efficient. The S.KO CITY makes it possible.

  • Steering axle for more manoeuvrability and less tyre wear
  • TrailerConnect® telematics as standard ex works with digital temperature recorder
  • Electric cooling unit and aluminium airline floor for reduced noise and CO2 emissions

The strong: M.KO COOL truck box body

Protects temperature-controlled cargo. Reliably fulfils every transport task.  The 
M.KO COOL can do it.

  • FERROPLAST® structure with high insulating capacity for temperature-controlled freight
  • Variable equipment for individual interior division into the desired temperature zones for multitemp transport
  • Weight-optimised, maintenance- and repair-friendly designs

The flexible: M.KO COOL/Z.KO COOL through-loading train

If you have lots of cargo, you can unload faster – without coupling manoeuvres and without additional loss of time.  
The M.KO COOL/Z.KO COOL through-loading train is the solution

  • Numerous configurations with fixed and variable fixtures, and sliding partitions
  • FERROPLAST® superstructures with high insulating capacity for temperature-controlled freight
  • Up to 37 Euro pallets in one level 

High-strength structure made of FERROPLAST®
Thanks to the high-strength FERROPLAST® structure, you achieve a higher insulation performance with the same transport volume. 
TrailerConnect® as standard ex works

Our TrailerConnect® telematics with digital temperature recorder allows you to optimise vehicle utilisation thanks to immediate access to the telematics portal and the apps beSmart and beUpToDate.

Cooling unit S.CU
Our cooling units guarantee extremely precise temperature control, optimum heating capacity and reduced defrost cycles. You can choose between electrically powered and diesel-powered cooling units.

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