• Chassis
  • Running gear

MODULOS - Chassis

Rolled MODULOS chassis has a repairfriendly design based on bolted, hot galvanised technology. It provides high value retention and low total cost of ownership as well as options to easily modify the modular system at any stage. 
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Running gear


ROTOS axles with disc brakes for high traffic safety and lower total cost of ownership. Six years’ warranty on hub and tube, and more than 1 million ROTOS running gear sold to date.
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Axle lift for better traction

Lifting axle

The axles of ROTOS® running gear can optionally be equipped with a lifting function. The axle lift and starting aid increase efficiency, driving safety and traction, reducing tyre wear.

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The Load Spread Program relieves pressure on the rear axle

Load Spread Program

If the semi-trailer is partially unloaded, the centre of gravity shifts and the fifth-wheel loading becomes heavier. The Load Spread Programme (LSP) takes pressure off the rear axle, compensating for the shift of the centre of gravity.
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  • Rear
  • Floor
  • Roof
  • Site
Aluminium rear door for the S.KO EXPRESS box body semi-trailer

Puertas traseras

Las puertas traseras de aluminio son resistentes a la corrosión, duraderas y ligeras.
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Fast unloading even without a ramp with a tail lift for the S.KO box body semi-trailer

Plataforma elevadora

Con una plataforma elevadora, la carga y descarga no supondrá ningún problema incluso sin rampa. La plataforma elevadora facilita la carga y descarga directas.
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Roller shutter

The insulated roller shutter ensures that there is no more lost time or lost refrigeration, as the trailer can be opened once it has reached the ramp.
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Wooden floor for the S.KO EXPRESS box body semi-trailer

Piso de madera

Piso duradero y robusto de contrachapado para diferentes cargas para el eje de carretilla. Las placas selladas del piso evitan que penetre la humedad en la mercancía.
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S.KO EXPRESS wear plates at the rear

Chapas de piso en la puerta trasera

Si la carga se va a realizar frecuentemente con carretilla elevadora de horquilla, la última chapa del piso sufrirá un mayor desgaste. Como medida de protección, en la puerta trasera hay una chapa de piso adicional, por lo que la vida útil se prolonga.
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Full-length skylight in the S.KO EXPRESS box body semi-trailer for the best possible working conditions

Techo translúcido

El techo translúcido continuo garantiza las mejores condiciones de trabajo en el vehículo.
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Aluminium roof

The aluminium roof and the reinforcing supports ensure a stable structure. 
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Side walls made of STRUKTOPLAST

The STRUKTOPLAST® lightweight body reliably protects the goods from the weather and reduces the risk of theft.
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  • Tyre pressure systems
  • Brake pad wear indicator
  • Flashing side marker light
  • Electronic ramp approach aid
Tyre pressure systems
Control and timely information on tyre pressure with the tyre pressure system

Sistema de relleno

El sistema de relleno de la presión de los neumáticos controla la presión de los mismo y los rellena en caso necesario de forma automática. Para un menor desgaste de los neumáticos y un mejor comportamiento de marcha sin que tenga que rellenarlos usted mismo.
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The Schmitz Cargobull tyre pressure control system.

Pressure monitoring system

The tyre pressure monitoring system displays when you need to top up air into a tyre. The correct tyre pressure reduces wear and tear while saving fuel due to improved rolling resistance.
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Brake pad wear indicator
Brake pads always in sight

Indicador de desgaste de las pastillas de freno

The wear display signals at an early stage when a brake pad needs replacement, ensuring greater safety in road traffic and avoiding downtime and high consequential costs.
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Flashing side marker light
Side marking lights for enhanced road safety

Luz de posición lateral

Las luces intermitentes de señalización lateral ayudan a evitar accidentes en los giros. Cuando el conductor pone los intermitentes, las luces de señalización lateral del semirremolque parpadean intermitentemente, con lo que indica a los demás conductores su intención de girar.
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Electronic ramp approach aid
Information on resetting with the electronic ramp approach aid

Electronic ramp approach aid

The electronic ramp approach aid assists drivers when approaching loading ramps. Once reverse gear has been engaged, the system uses visual and audible signals to inform the driver of the distance remaining behind the vehicle. When the semi-trailer is nearing the ramp, the trailer brakes independently.
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  • Restraint

Load securing rails

Unpalletised freight can be secured by means of load securing rails. Load securing protection can be suspended as required, enabling the interior to be freely used.
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Comprehensive certifications for your safety in everyday transport.

  • Internal body length13.62m
  • Intenal body width2490mm
  • Interior height2,610, 2,710, 2,810 and 3,210mm
  • Unladen weightfrom 5,600kg
  • Aggregate load24,000kg
  • Saddle load39,000kg
  • Pallet spaces34Europalés
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