Food distribution 

Food distribution 

Anyone who transports perishable or temperature-sensitive goods knows: the cold chain must not be interrupted under any circumstances. That's why Schmitz Cargobull offers vehicles that you can rely on in almost any situation. Regardless of whether you transport your goods in the frozen, fresh or pharmaceutical sector, Schmitz Cargobull offers a suitable solution.


W.KO COOL swap bodies are efficient and save time when loading and unloading. Swap bodies are perfect for intermodal transport on long rail routes. Fast swapping ensures short waiting times and higher utilisation of your vehicles' capacity.
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Με τα ρυμουλκούμενα διαμπερούς φόρτωσης, το φορτηγό με κιβώτιο M.KO μπορεί να φορτωθεί και να εκφορτωθεί με περονοφόρο ανυψωτικό απευθείας μέσω του ρυμουλκούμενου κεντρικού άξονα Z.KO. Αυτό εξοικονομεί χρόνο και χώρο, καθώς ο συνδυασμός μεγάλου όγκου αμαξώματος φορτηγού και ρυμουλκούμενου χρειάζεται να φτάσει στη ράμπα μόνο μία φορά και δεν χρειάζεται να αποσυνδέσει το ρυμουλκούμενο.
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The S.KO CITY box body semi-trailer's steering axle provides the manoeuvrability needed when delivering to food retailers in urban environments. Its mechanical power steering ensures that it copes with narrow streets, access roads or loading yards without any loss of time. And our additional services allow you to see where your trailer is located at any time.
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  • Cold restrain system
  • Traverse partition wall
  • Swinging rear segment

Cold restrain system

Insulated refrigerated truck bodies lose cold air in the loading space when the rear doors or tail lift platform are opened. To reduce this air exchange, there are cold restrain system options to delay escape of cold air.

Stationary plastic curtain

The plastic curtain made of 200mm single strips for the entire rear wall opening is firmly mounted at the rear of the superstructure.
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Plastic curtain for side door

When the side door is opened, this curtain reduces the air exchange between the body and the surroundings. The individual strips are permanently mounted in the side door area.

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Rolltop automatic roller curtain

The automatic roll-up tarpaulin can be programmed to roll up/down automatically when the tailgate or tail lift is opened.
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Lengthways adjustable plastic curtain

The plastic curtain consists of three parts, whereby the entire curtain is adjustable in length and the parts can be moved 3x across. This prevents cold air from escaping from certain areas.
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Electric air curtain 

The air curtain is mounted stationary at the rear of the body under the roof. During loading and unloading, the electric air curtain is automatically activated. The outside air is sucked in and released downwards. This creates an "air curtain" and the cold air from the load compartment cannot escape. 
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Sliding plastic curtain

This plastic curtain consists of three parts and is firmly mounted at the rear of the body. The individual parts can be moved transversely.
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Foam-filled insulating curtains 

The insulated curtain consists of three movable sections. The individual parts can be moved transversely and are attached to the rear of the superstructure.
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Traverse partition wall for 1/3 and 2/3 chambers

Swinging rear segment

  • Camera system
  • Lighting
  • Load securing
  • Rear step
  • Rear protection
  • Underride guard

Turn assistant

Turn assistant system is made of a side camera and a sider sensor warning system and allows the driver to know if anything is in the nearside blind spot – especially important when the truck is turning right. Ultrasonic proximity sensors alert the driver of obstacles close to the vehicle, whether moving or stationary. An audible and/or visual in-cab warning informs of distance whilst an external optional speaking alarm can be added to alert cyclists and pedestrians that the vehicle is turning. 
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Safety rear lights SL2

The LED lights on the vehicle rear top act not only as a regular marking light, but they also light up in bright red/orange to provide a visible signal to traffic behind that the vehicle is braking or turning.
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LED reversing lights

These lights ensure that the rear area is sufficiently illuminated for loading and unloading at night and in poor lighting conditions. Reverse lights are activated and work only in case the reverse gear is on. 

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LED working light at the side

The LED working lights ensure that the sides of the vehicle are sufficiently illuminated. The safety level when maneuvering is significantly increased due to better surrounding visibility. 
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LED working light at rear

The LED working light at the rear ensures optimal visibility when working in the dark, eliminating accidents that could occur due to limited visibility. It is only available with roller shutter, top flap or full tail lift platform cover.

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Load securing

Load restraint tracks are an important option for all truck bodies to secure the load efficiently and easily. Up to three load restraint tracks can be placed above one another. Tension belts and telescopic locking bars (aluminum square tubing) can be used for load securing.

Recessed load restraint track

Galvanized load restraint tracks are fully recessed into the side walls, enabling customers to use the complete internal width. 
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Square telescopic locking bars

Telescopic ALU square locking bars offer a blocking force of 1100daN. Thanks to telescopic ends, the length of the beam can be adjusted to be compatible with different internal body widths. 

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Recessed riveted load restraint track

These load restraint tracks are additionally rivet, reinforced and glued, which helps to avoid load restraint track being wrenched off. 
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Double decker beams

The double deck system is used for loading the pallets in two heights – on the floor and on support beams – by increasing the load quantity in the box body.
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Surface mounted load restraint track

Galvanized surface mounted load restraint tracks are riveted to the side walls. However, this type of load restraint track reduces the internal width by 24mm.  
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Telescopic round locking beam

These telescopic round locking beams can be used as support for any type of light load. They are offered in two different combinations of end fixtures – rubber or spigot at the foot. 
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WABCO TailGuard

The reversing warning system – WABCO TailGuard – increases vehicle safety and reduces risk when reversing by detecting stationary and moving objects in the blind spot behind the vehicle, and independently stopping the vehicle at a safe distance. WABCO TailGuard is automatically activated by shifting into reverse gear. The system uses several ultrasonic sensors to measure the distance to objects located behind the vehicle.
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Ried White Sounds

The reversing warning system – Ried White Sounds –prevents accidents by warning anyone in a vehicle’s path that it is moving backwards. This system uses a wide range of white sound frequencies, which give greater directional information to the ear, enabling   listeners to instantly locate where and what direction the sound is coming from.
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Συμβάσεις παροχής υπηρεσιών

Με την κατάλληλη σύμβαση σέρβις αποκτάτε τον απόλυτο έλεγχο των εξόδων και εμείς αναλαμβάνουμε την ευθύνη να παραμένετε πάντα σε κίνηση!
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Με το σύστημα τηλεματικής TrailerConnect® λαμβάνετε όλες τις απαραίτητες πληροφορίες για τα οχήματά σας.
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Διαμορφώνουμε μια εξατομικευμένη προσφορά με ελκυστικούς όρους για ολόκληρο τον κύκλο ζωής της επένδυσής σας.
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