B-doubles and Road trains

Internal features

Schmitz Cargobull have set new standards for internal features in refrigerated trailers. All load securing and double loader tracks are fully recessed into the side walls for more internal space. Load securing tracks suit both ‘E’ and ‘F’ type shoring bars. We also offer the strongest double loader system (Vertical double loader) with up to 2,000kg payload per section and 1,000kg per beam.


Double-deck system with up to 2,000kg payload per section (optional)


Fully recessed universal load securing tracks


The sliding partition wall is easy and quick to operate (optional)


The circulation wall on the front bulkhead provides uninterrupted air circulation and protects the front wall. The hinged circulation wall (optional) also simplifies fridge maintenance

Internal features - Trailer - B-doubles and Road trains

Fully recessed extra bright LED lights for a brighter working area


Centre dividing wall (optional)


Temperature zones as per the customer’s requirements (optional)