Insurance policies

Insurance policies

Insurance solutions from the industry expert. Schmitz Cargobull insurance brokers can offer you a range of solutions, from legal protection, third-party insurance, to comprehensive or partial coverage and fleet insurance, all at attractive rates.
Insurance solutions from the industry expert.
Your complete truck-trailer combination as a single unit.

Solo trailer and complete truck-trailer combination

As a Schmitz Cargobull customer, you have the options of insuring your semi-trailer with us at fixed premiums 'solo' without the truck, or if required, as a complete truck-trailer combination.

Benefit: Stand-alone or truck/trailer combination - you decide.

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  • What advantages do I have when I insure my fleet through Schmitz Cargobull?
    • Purchasing advantage through manufacturer conditions
    • Personal support through fixed contact persons
    • Cooperation with all insurers licensed in Germany
    • Fixed unit premiums for tractors and trailers
  • Can I include force damage in my Full Service contract?
    • With the Full Service Protection product, you can include all violent damage in the service contract.
    • The rate is fixed for the Full Service term and remains unchanged for the entire term, even in the event of a claim 
  • What are the advantages of stand-alone trailer insurance from Schmitz Cargobull?
    • Fixed unit premium from €49 per month
    • No prior risk assessment
    • Strong benefits package (liability, hull, GAP insurance, brake, operating and breakage damage as well as recovery and towing costs)
    • Also possible for other makes as well as used vehicles

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