Dolly trailer

Dolly trailer

The high-quality connecting element for a long-truck or EcoDuo concept. A wealth of combinations are possible, from a truck body combined with a semi-trailer to an articulated vehicle with an attached semi-trailer.

Ideal supplement for the long truck

The modular concept consisting of coupled standard trailers delivers financial and ecological benefits.

Swivelling fifth wheel

This serves as the connecting element between the truck and the semi-trailer.

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Fifth wheel

Easily accessible connection panel

Terminal block with standard connections mounted on the drawbar. Also available with Duo-Matic quick-release coupling (optional).

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Modular design and proven technology

Galvanised chassis and ROTOS? running gear with low-wear brake system and
high-quality equipment.

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Modulares Dolly

Plastic single wheel mudguard

Three-piece design. The middle section can be removed to adapt the mudguard to coupling heights from 1,050 to 1,100 mm.

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