Building materials

Building materials

Bulk materials have very different physical properties. Sand, gravel or hot asphalt all place their own demands on a trailer. Schmitz Cargobull offers a range of different aluminium or steel tipper bodies, available with thermal insulation if required.
The S.KI LIGHT tipper semi-trailer with aluminium box body.


Fine-grained bulk materials can be transported cleanly, safely and gently in the S.KI LIGHT aluminium box body.
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The S.KI LIGHT tipper semi-trailer with aluminium box body and thermal insulation for the transport of asphalt

S.KI LIGHT with thermal insulation

The S.KI LIGHT tipper trailer with an aluminium box body, with full thermal insulation in compliance with DIN 70001, is the payload-optimised transport solution for road construction.
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The S.KI SOLID tipper semi-trailer with rounded steel body for the transport of construction materials.


The universal and solid solution for the transport of various building materials. The S.KI SOLID tipper trailer's excellent wear resistance sets it apart.
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Reliable asphalt transport with the S.KI SOLID tipper semi-trailer

S.KI SOLID with thermal insulation

Thermal insulation provides for excellent insulation and outstanding value retention. The low centre of gravity of the trailer gives it improved road handling combined with excellent tipping stability. As standard, the body has four-point temperature measurement through side openings. Optional: Attachment for electronic measuring technology
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The matching M.KI truck tipper body with rounded steel body for all popular trucks.


M.KI rigid tippers with their rounded steel body represent the all-purpose transport solution for bulk goods. The excellent wear resistance of the tipper bodies is impressive and therefore ideal for building materials.
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The S.KI LIGHT tipper semi-trailer with aluminium box body