S.KO refrigerated semi-trailer

Rear closure

Barn doors perfectly protect the internal space from the loss of cold air, are easy to operate and durable. The door comes standard with four locking bars, stainless steel rear frame with heavy duty reinforcement, durable four lip door seals and hinge protection buffers with integrated handle and rubber buffers across the width of the rear.

Every Schmitz Cargobull trailer with roller doors comes with even more reinforcements on the rear frame to provide more structural strength to the rear of the trailer.

For additional safety, both types of rear closure come with reflective tape around the perimeter of the rear as standard.

One hand operated door handles (standard) and docking buffers across width of the bottom of the rear frame for additional protection (optional)


Four lip door seals perfectly protect the trailer from the loss of cold air (barn door)

Rear closure - Trailer - Refrigerated and ambient semi-trailers

Easily and comfortably operated plastic door catch engages the door and protects fingers


Roller buffers at rear for additional protection of the rear frame (optional)