S.KO refrigerated semi-trailer


Schmitz Cargobull trailers come as standard with a high quality aluminium barely grain floor and additional reinforcements in all stressed areas offering a floor rating of 7,200 kg (rating is per forklift axle). Furthermore the floor consists of a one piece aluminium surface, fully welded to the kick strip for longer service life with easy and hygienic cleaning. The new optional multifunctional floor combines excellent efficiency and benefits to secure goods with vertical bars (760 daN). Both floor types ensure low-noise loading (PIEK certificate).


  • Reinforcements under the surface for a smooth floor even at the rear;
  • Fully insulated, no thermal bridges or welded sections;
  • Anti-slip surface for safe operation;
  • The strongest floor in the market (load bearing capacity 7,200 kg);
  • Easy to clean and meeting all hygiene requirements.

Multifunctional floor MF6 for more flexibility, safety and silent operation (optional

Floor - Trailer - Refrigerated and ambient semi-trailers

The drain in the floor for milk and any other liquid goods to be transported (optional)


The fully welded all-around kick strip protects the floor from water ingress (standard)