Schmitz Cargobull's innovative SmartTrailer concept combines the advantages of trailer telematics with proven vehicle equipment to create an efficient transport solution.
Smart Trailer World

TrailerConnect® control unit

The TrailerConnect® control unit is the heart of our telematics system. Universal opportunities for use ensure maximum flexibility.

  • Maximum functional safety to automotive standard in line with the highest protection rating, IP69K
  • Fully functional between -40 ?C and + 85 ?C
  • Robust construction for a long service life and use under extreme conditions
  • Simple and convenient diagnostics using professional software for shorter service interruptions
  • Modular, scalable system: from a basic solution to fully equipped

  • Safe Investments
  • Optional sensor system
  • Retrofitting of a telematics system is feasible in principle, once the technical requirements have been checked.
  • For older trailers and other manufacturers' trailers in existing fleets.
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TrailerConnect® beSmart app - to operate the SmartTrailer

The beSmart app ensures that your drivers are always aware of the status of the trailer and can react quickly if necessary. The integrated Wi-Fi module in the trailer provides communication between the telematics control unit and a smartphone. You'll never miss important news or messages again.

  • Cargo area temperature analysis: View the current temperature on your smartphone and control the temperature printer directly from your smartphone
  • Monitoring and control of the cooling unit: Keep an eye on the cooling unit's operating data 
  • Brake pad wear monitoring: Avoid breakdowns and plan your workshop visits efficiently. The beSmart app shows you the status of your brake pads
  • Axle load: Improve safety on the road and reduce the wear and tear on your trailer. Check whether the axle load matches the delivery paperwork
  • Tyre status monitoring: Avoid flat tyres and increased tyre wear by keeping an eye on tyre pressure and tyre temperature
  • Rear door locking system: Control the PIN-protected door locking system easily and conveniently via the beSmart App

Here you will find information on how to connect the beSmart App with the SmartTrailer, detailed descriptions of the individual functions and numerous tips on how to use the App.

Click here for the operating manual for the beSmart App

  • Why does TrailerConnect® telematics represent such innovative equipment, particularly in the S.KO Cool Smart?
    Because telematics in the trailer helps to make many monitoring and control processes for the semi-trailer and load more efficient and transparent, permitting considerable optimisation.
  • What benefits does an OEM system offer?
    All components are ideally connected to each other in the trailer and professionally installed in line with automotive standards. This creates a high level of quality and maximum system availability.
  • What should my trailer telematics system do in addition to giving the position?
    As well as specifying the location of the trailer, a trailer telematics system provides intelligent connectivity and fast diagnosis of all the components of the trailer, combined with reliable integrated temperature management. The right telematics systems enables processes to be optimised and transport safety improved.

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