Key functions on the S.KI tipper semi-trailer can be controlled and monitored via smartphone or tablet with the Schmitz Cargobull S.KI Control app. This greatly simplifies the driver's day-to-day work.
S.KI tipper semi-trailer with thermal insulation?
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  • Comfort
  • Economy
Articulation angle assistant

Measures the position of the tractor unit relative to the trailer during unloading. Ideally they should be perfectly aligned. If the articulation angle is too large the tipping process is stopped. The driver can continue the tipping process on their own responsibility.

Your benefit: Increased active and passive safety when tipping.

Rear area camera

Shows on the display of a smartphone or tablet the area behind the trailer that is otherwise not visible.

Your benefit: Safer manoeuvring and tipping.

Tilt angle assistant

Measures the exact tipping angle via a sensor at the tipping bearing and automatically brakes if the body is tilted during travel. If the lateral tilt is too large the tipping process is stopped. The driver can continue the tipping process on their own responsibility.

Your benefit: Increased active and passive safety when tipping.

Tipping angle assistant

Measures the exact tipping angle via a sensor on the tipping bearing and brakes automatically when driving with the body tipped.

Your benefit: Exact details about the total height during tipping, increased safety and warning in critical situations.

Automatic starting aid

Increases traction through automatic liftingof the lift axle when driving at up to 30 km/h if thetruck drive axle loses grip when driving off.

Your benefit: Greater safety and comfort for day-to-day driving and simple control via app from the cab.

Automatic lowering

The air suspension in the running gear ensuresgreaterstability when unloading through a lowercentre of gravity.

Your benefit: Greater stability during tipping and simple control from the driver's cab via app.

Adjustable paver brake

Allows the brake pressure to be adjusted whileworking with the road paver and iscontrolled via the smartphone app.

Your benefit: Less stressful for the driver and optimum adjustment to the road conditions when unloading into the road paver.

Remote control for the electric tarpaulin

Enables quick opening and closing of thetarpaulin via smartphone app in approximately 25 seconds.

Your benefit: Can be controlled from thedriver's cab. No need to get out,no need for strenuous handling and reduced working time.

Remote control for the pneumatic underride guard

Raising and lowering controlled viafunction keys in the smartphone app,simplifying work with the road paver.

Your benefit: Greater comfort through remote control of the under ride guard.

Control of the rear wall functions

Enables a simple function selection for thehydraulic tailgate via smartphone app.

Your benefit: Greater comfort thanks to control from the cab.

Cargo area camera

Displays the interior of the bodyon a smartphone or tablet tomonitor the loading process.

Your benefit: Greater comfort and safety through monitoring from the driver's cab.

Automatic axle load compensation

Ensures optimum load distribution withbalanced axle loads despite an unevenlyloaded body.

Your benefit: Prevents unevenaxle loading and ensures compliance through simple control from the driver's cab via app.

Tyre pressure monitoring with re-pressurisation function

Automatically adjusts the air pressure in the individual tyres, warns of slow, constant air loss and constantly reinflates the tyres to prevent breakdowns.

Your benefit: The driver is warned in time and can continue driving to the workshop despite minor damage.

Electronic pneumatic suspension

Ensures load-independent suspension comfort,optimal road handling and enables specificheight adjustment of the running gear.

Your benefit: Time savings through preconfigured running gear heights via memory function.

Weighing system

Reliably indicates the weight of the bulk material in thebody. Enables optimum payload usageand prevents overloading.

Your benefit: Prevents fines and protects the vehicle.

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