Schmitz Cargobull again receives seal of approval for sustainable trailer telematics

Schmitz Cargobull again receives seal of approval for sustainable trailer telematics

German Institute for Sustainability & Economics once again confirms comprehensive sustainability in the areas of ecology, economy and social competence for Schmitz Cargobull subsidiary Cargobull Telematics GmbH
September 2023 - Schmitz Cargobull subsidiary Cargobull Telematics GmbH received the "Assured Sustainability" seal of approval from the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics. Cargobull Telematics GmbH also received this certificate in 2021. 

The certificate attests that the company implements sustainability in an exemplary manner and aligns all processes sustainably and economically. This includes product, service and consulting quality, as well as ecological and social responsibility and the economic future orientation. The individual sustainability competences in the areas of environment, energy, social affairs, economy and regionality as well as their implementation in the company were verified through on-site audits.

The TrailerConnect® telematics system continues to be certified and offers the customer major benefits. 

"High sustainability and safety expertise for transport companies"

"Transport companies are improving sustainability and safety expertise in-house with the TrailerConnect® system," explains Boris Billich, Chief Sales Officer at Schmitz Cargobull AG. "The fleet operator can decisively improve its position in public tenders or audits, such as for ISO 14001 environmental management, ISO 50001 energy management or the ISO 16247 energy audit, with a certified TrailerConnect® system. This is also true for an increasing number of shippers who demand different proofs of a company's sustainability in order to award contracts. Here at Schmitz Cargobull, we are well ahead with our product and help to accelerate the processes accordingly."

More than 146,000 telematics units sold, around 100,000 active systems on Europe's roads and 20 years of experience in the development and marketing of its own trailer telematics "TrailerConnect®" - these are the success parameters of Cargobull Telematics GmbH. The wholly owned subsidiary of Schmitz Cargobull AG is one of the largest providers of trailer telematics services and innovative digital products for the logistics and transport industry. In addition to its own hardware and software development, Cargobull Telematics also offers the complete range of services for trailer telematics. This includes consulting services for the management of data interfaces as well as transport and fleet management processes. The services offered by Cargobull Telematics GmbH are tailored and available throughout Europe.

Over Schmitz Cargobull:
Met een jaarproductie van ongeveer 61.000 trailers en ongeveer 6.900 medewerkers is Schmitz Cargobull AG Europa's toonaangevende fabrikant van opleggers, trailers en motorwagenopbouwsystemen voor temperatuurgecontroleerde lading, general cargo en stortgoederen. In het boekjaar 2021/2022 werd een omzet van ca. 2,3 miljard euro bereikt. Als pionier in de sector ontwikkelde het bedrijf uit Münsterland al vroeg een alles omvattende merkstrategie en hanterde het hoge kwaliteitsnormen op alle niveaus: van onderzoek en ontwikkeling tot productie en servicecontracten, trailertelematica, financiering, levering van onderdelen en handel in gebruikte voertuigen.

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