Tipper body with thermal insulation

Tipper body with thermal insulation

Schmitz Cargobull is now offering the M.KI tipper truck body with thermal insulation
June 2020 – Schmitz Cargobull is now offering the M.KI tipper truck body with thermal insulation, thereby expanding its portfolio to include a new insulated option. The thermally insulated body, which has a capacity of 18 m3, is ideally designed to transport smaller quantities of tarmac.

M.KI tipper truck body with thermal insulation

Road construction companies have seen a rise in the requirements for tarmac transport over recent years. The body has to be thermally insulated and must also have a heat-resistant cover to prevent heat loss out the top. Before tipping, the quality of the tarmac must be able to be checked with a valid temperature measurement.

For this reason, Schmitz Cargobull now also offers the M.KI truck tipper body with thermal insulation. The thermal insulation has only added around 195 kg in weight to the trailer. The smaller volumes, improved versatility and manoeuvrability are particularly handy in confined traffic conditions, as is often the case on construction sites.

The M.KI truck tipper body with full thermal insulation incorporates Schmitz Cargobull’s extensive experience in the field of temperature-controlled goods transport. An optimised body shape design ensures a low centre of gravity, thereby increasing tilt stability. The premium, temperature-resistant body cover has an electric sliding tarpaulin, which can be operated safely and conveniently from ground level. The model range includes bodies with various floor thicknesses with a side wall height of 1,460 mm in different rear wall designs and offers 18 m3 in capacity.

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