The S.KO EXPRESS box body semi-trailer is designed for just-in-time deliveries, ensuring that you never miss a deadline. Smooth surfaces within the trailer make sure that your freight arrives at its destination undamaged. The FERROPLAST? body reliably protects goods from weathering and theft.
S.KO EXPRESS dry-freighter box body semi-trailer
  • Chassis
  • Running gear
MODULOS short chassis for the S.KO box body semi-trailer

MODULOS chassis

The FERROPLAST® thermal technology box body is self-supporting and warp-resistant. Thanks to their bolted connections, the individual components of the MODULOS trailer chassis can be easily replaced. Corrosion protection is maintained by the galvanised parts.
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Running gear
  • Page
  • Double-decker system
  • Rear
  • Floor
  • Roof
Folding wall for the S.KO EXPRESS box body semi-trailer

Folding wall

Box body with folding wall for flexible loading and unloading from the side. Ideal for partial loads, as the remaining load remains protected against the influences of weathering. FERROPLAST® elements also protect the freight, ensuring excellent insulation of the trailer.
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S.KO EXPRESS double-decker box body semi-trailer

Double-decker system

The double-decker system provides for flexible and greater utilisation of the semi-trailer. The system provides for gap-free loading using two infinitely height-adjustable and split levels. Ideal for non-stackable freight.
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  • Tyre pressure systems
  • Brake pad wear indicator
  • Flashing side marking lights
  • Electronic ramp approach aid
Pressure monitoring system 
Brake pad wear indicator
Brake pads always in sight

Brake pad wear indicator

The wear display signals at an early stage when a brake pad needs replacement, ensuring greater safety in road traffic and avoiding downtime and high consequential costs.
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Flashing side marking lights
Side marking lights for enhanced road safety

Flashing side marking lights

The flashing side marking lights (SML) help to avoid accidents when turning. When the driver indicates, the side marking lights on the semi-trailer also flash and signal to other road users that the vehicle is about to turn.
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Electronic ramp approach aid
Information on resetting with the electronic ramp approach aid

Electronic ramp approach aid

The electronic ramp approach aid assists drivers when approaching loading ramps. Once reverse gear has been engaged, the system uses visual and audible signals to inform the driver of the distance remaining behind the vehicle. When the semi-trailer is nearing the ramp, the trailer brakes independently.
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  • Restraint
  • Lashing points and aids
Lashing points and aids


Comprehensive certifications for your safety in day-to-day transportation work.

  • Internal body length13.62m
  • Intenal body width2480mm
  • Internal body height2700mm
  • Pallets33 (26)Euro pallets / (ISO pallets)

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